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SHCTR Marine was established in 1997 as China's most professional manufacturer engaged in outboard impellers and flexible pump impellers. For over past twenty years, SHCTR Marine has completed production & design of all kinds of marine spare parts, such as outboard impellers, water pump repair kits, inboard impellers, exhaust bellows, propeller hub kits, water pump housings, brass cams, wear plates, gaskets etc.
Our strong engineering skills with development of new technology and mature experience have earned us a great reputation of quality, service and reliability. With strict quality control system, all SHCTR Marine-made parts can replace original ones perfectly, some even much better.

We supply quality products to the whole world with excellent service, and meanwhile would like to help you fulfill all the needs and demands in marine spare parts, ensure your business go smoothly.

Keeping customers on water is our priority!