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On the lookout for the fake SHCTR

2019-10-10 13:44:36 点击数:477
        A fake SHCTR Marine website has already been there for a long time. We just found it. In fact, not only websites, but also cheap counterfeit products, which are declared to be SHCTR's, should our esteemed customers be careful about.

Jack Wang, the guy behind the scences, has been playing all dirty tricks doing harm to SHCTR, ganging up with his conspirators Simon Qiu, Kevin Wang and Emily Yu. They set up fake websites, squatted the trade mark "SHCTR Marine" and falsely alleged nonexistance of the real SHCTR. Wang himself even pretended to be SHCTR boss to beguile customers into buying his immature products.

What we expose right now are only a few facts, still more not yet found. There is no one called Jack Wang, Simon Qiu, Kevin Wang or Emily Yu in SHCTR. The addresses, are our official websites, addresses ending with our official email. No other similar addresses are supposed to belong to SHCTR.

We respect our valued customers' choices to buy his products or not, but concerning the reality that his "factory" has no more than 2 or 3 years' experience of copying our products and the safety of your motors, we hope you can make the wise one.

We reserve the rights to take legal action for any unlawful offences Jack Wang Gang conduct to SHCTR.