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Measuring and identifying your replacement Impeller

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Replacement Impeller Guide
This will help you identify the correct replacement impeller for your pump.
If You Have a Pump
The impeller part number can be found on the data sheet that was included with your pump. If you no longer have the data sheet you can use the options below to identify the correct impeller size and part number.
Option A:
Using a printer, print out one of the impeller identification documents below, line up your impeller with the appropriate profile in the document, and refer to the Impeller Selection Table to identify the appropriate part number.
IMPORTANT: Before printing either document, ensure that Page Scaling on your printer is set to 100%. These documents must be printed; they will not work accurately on screen.
Option B:
If you do not have access to a printer, use the charts and refer to the Impeller Selection Table to identify the appropriate part number based on the answers to the following questions:
How many blades are there?
What is the shaft diameter? (see Chart A)
What is the outside diameter? (see Chart A)
What is the depth? (see Chart A)
What type of drive is it? (see Chart B)
Which material is needed?
Once you've complete either of the options above, search in our website to find your impeller part number.
If you have another brand of pump and know their impeller part number, use our impeller cross reference table, or simply use the same instructions above to measure your impeller and refer to our Impeller Selection Table to determine the impeller part number.